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Marine Raider Challenge | Developing Environment


Competition is a part of everything we do in the Marine Raider Community. Raiders are highly motivated and naturally competitive. We love tackling new challenges and thrive in environments where you see results from the hard work, dedication, and countless hours we put into preparing for any mission.


The Marine Raider Challenge hosts events for current and former Special Operators to engage in healthy competition. This highly competitive environment is something many operators miss about their time in the teams.

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Camaraderie built amongst members of the SOF tribes is essential to high performance and unit cohesion. The vast majority of former operators you talk to will tell you that the people they were able to work with were one of the best parts of being an operator.

In conjunction with every Marine Raider Challenge event, we will host a post challenge party where current and former operators of all tribes can reunite and enjoy the camaraderie built amongst the brotherhood.

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The most important thing isn’t always what you do but why you choose to do it. We chose to create the Marine Raider Challenge to facilitate competition, camaraderie, and give back to the communities that we were so fortunate to have been a part of.


The Marine Raider Challenge is a 501c3 non-profit organization (EIN 84-2042764).  After each event, money we raise will go to a SOF charity of our choice. At the first Marine Raider Challenge, we raised over $75k to support Special Operations Charities.


San Clemente, CA – July 22, 2018

Head to head competition with Zodiac F470 Inflatable Boats. 6-man teams will paddle through the surf, broach boat, and race back in a single elimination race bracket. To learn more or donate visit the Marine Raider Challenge on Facebook.

Sponsored by: Goodys, Altama, Zodiac, etc